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Denver Pet Newsletter, Events, Spring-Summer Activities, Dog Walking and More!

Summertime is Finally Here!

With so much going this Summer in Colorado, Denverdaawg wants you to know that we're on full Summer alert mode! We're able to handle any vacation trips you may need to book, additional pet visits or last minute planning. Don't let the Hot weather keep you inside, make those plans, get up to the Mountains and let us keep your pet busy while away. Feel free to read more about Denverdaawg, Behavior Issues, Dog Parks, Top Pet Sites to help and most popular. Big News! Colorado Humane Society Accused Of Mismanagement Click here for more information on the latest news.

Summer Pet Tips Pools/Lakes: Children are not the only ones who can drown when left unattended in pools or lakes. Never leave your pet attended when they are swimming and always make sure they have an easy way out or the pool is enclosed and inaccessible. Fishing Tackle: Colorful stinky fishing lures are very tempting to cats, dogs and birds and can prove to be very dangerous. Hooks are usually barbed and can not be backed out until the barb is removed. Never try to remove these hooks on your own. Seek veterinary help and sedation to prevent tissue trauma. Car Windows or Pick up Trucks: Dogs love to feel the wind in their faces but uncovered truck beds are a very dangerous place for your pet. Sudden stops or turns can throw your pet from the truck and a major injury could occur from the fall or by being hit by an oncoming car. Additionally, there is a lot of debris and insects moving at high velocities that can be hazardous.

Update from the FDA Update of CVM's What's New - Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc. announces a voluntary recall of Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Chicken Dry Dog Food Due to a Possible Health Risk.

Gulf Oil Spill Relief

An Update on The Gulf Oil Spill and Wildlife Affected If you would like to do something, donate today to the NWRA Relief Fund also for an update on the oil spill click here for an up to minute map of the oil spill

Denverdaawg Information and More!

Looking for Denver Dog Parks click on me, or off leash areas look no further Statistics show that 1 in 3 families own a Pet, well here in Colorado I have to think that number jumps to every other family! Denver has been voted many years running the Top city in the U.S. to own a Pet and I believe it. The question is how to better improve your Pet's behavior, health or well being...that's where I come in. "Another important business meeting"

Denverdaawg Here To Make Your Life Easier!

Why do I need a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker? If you are like most working Americans you are low on time and high on tasks. You might put in long hours at the office. This shortens the amount of time you spend engaging in dog walking with your best canine friend every day. Different dog breeds have different daily exercise requirements, so your pooch might need extensive dog walking or run in the middle of the day to keep from Behavior issues. How can you take your dog walking and be at work at the same time? You can hire a dog walker to be your dog walking replacement while you are at work. Often times a dog walker is more then just a necessity because many dogs that have limited dog walking time become irritable. Dogs need to have daily exercise and human connection through dog walking. This lack of exercise has let excess energy build up and can make your loving pet a little less loving.

***This month has been a tough one for Strays abroad! Our friend Tobias recently found an abandoned Pit Bull "Dulce" in her neighborhood left by it's owners. Very sad and even more sad that this dog was chained to a 6ft rope for 2 years with no attention! Please help bring life back to this playful, fun loving Pit in your family. Homes must be located outside of Metro Denver and Aurora due to the crazy ban put on these great dogs! Call if any questions

Denver Pet Events!! Benefitting the Maxfund Shelter Sunday, June 27 3-7pm "The Celtic Smoke Out" Celtic Bar Downtown Denver Colorado Rescue When-Jun 26, 2010 9:00 am (Saturday) Where-Petco - CO-AUR SLD 24101 E ORCHARD RD STE C Aurora, CO 80016 39.608728 -104.706864 What-Come check out the beautiful Australian Sheperds, Alaskan Malamutes and Huskies available for adoption. Photos available at Summer Critter Camp 2010 Thursday, Aug 12 9:00a Denver Dumb Friends League, Denver During Critter Camp, third through fifth grade children will learn how to be safe around animals, as well as work with a variety of pets at the Quebec Street shelter. CatFest 2010 - Dumb Friends League Saturday, July 10 10:00a Denver Dumb Friends League, Denver Because dog lovers shouldn't have all the fun! Celebrate your love of cats with the Dumb Friends League on Saturday, July 10, from 10 a. Dumb Friends League - Dumb Friends League - Kitten Kindergarten Tuesday, July 13 6:30p Denver Dumb Friends League, Denver Train and socialize your feline friend! The Dumb Friends League's Kitten Kindergarten class helps kittens become well-adjusted companions through socialization and clicker training, where th Dumb Friends League -- Adopt a Sophisticated Cat for Free Wednesday, June 23 11:00a Denver Dumb Friends League, Denver Looking for a cat that's "been around the litter box?" Throughout the summer months, the Dumb Friends League is waiving adoption fees for all sophisticated cats, 6 years or older.

Article Headline

Another quick story and hopefully happy ending to another lonely pet we recently found. After two frantic weeks some neighbors and I were able to capture the neighborhood stray (3rd in 3 months) and this one almost got hit a few times. This cute mutt needs a home and was adopted by the Denver Dumb friends league dog picture link the pet is there and they still have yet to post his picture so if interested Call them! This adorable dog is very friendly, young and no health issues. DDFL is not a no kill shelter so time is not on this little guys side! Please frwd to others and help save a life

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