Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama at Invesco Field Denver!

Big Night in Denver!
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Obama At INVESCOGet ready to be a part of Mile High History. In an unprecedented move, the Democratic National Convention Committee announced that Senator Barack Obama will accept the Democratic nomination for President of the United States at Denver's 75,000-capacity INVESCO Field at Mile High on the final night of the Convention, Thursday, Aug. 28. Previous Conventions have seen the nominee making his acceptance speech in front of a much smaller crowd of delegates and media. This year, Denverites will have the chance to experience this once-in-a-lifetime event live and in person. It will serve as an amazing cap to what is sure to be a phenomenal week in Denver's 150-year history. Find out how you can get the "Colorado Credentials" you need to witness this historic event live and in person by going to

Monday, August 25, 2008

Recent Democratic DNCC Week in Denver!

So much to see, do and report on during this Big week in Denver!
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So Much Going On!
Posted by Lindsay on August 25, 2008 0 Comments
From the podium to the floor to the hallways and beyond, we’ll be bringing you all of the behind the scenes action right here on the DemConvention blog. Make sure you also check out our live HD streaming video to watch the latest speakers and events going on in the Pepsi Center. The Convention opened this morning with a great performance from the Colorado Children’s Chorale. I ran into the whole group of kids as we were passing through security this morning and they were so excited to be performing on stage at the Convention. They let me know how hard they had been practicing -- “so so so much” -- and it was a nice treat for the entire audience. Roaming throughout the arena today, we’ve met enthusiastic delegates and supporters – in some great outfits I might add (make sure to check out the photos.) We’ve heard from DNCC CEO Leah Daughtry, Governor Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and Jesse Jackson, Jr. just finished addressing the audience. If you missed any of the Convention program, just click here to visit our video player – we have clips ready to go from many of the Convention speakers. Now for those photos…

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One Hour to Go!
Posted by Lindsay on August 25, 2008 17 Comments
With one hour until the 2008 Democratic National Convention officially kicks off, the Pepsi Center crowd is slowly but steadily growing. One face in the crowd earlier today was Michelle Obama. She stopped by for a walkthrough of the podium, touring the Pepsi Center and taking her first look at the Convention’s incredible stage. Outside the Pepsi Center, people are wandering around the various media pavilions and grabbing lunch from the vendors. Inside, people are getting situated and exploring the seemingly endless hallways. We’ll be giving you a detailed look inside every corner of the Pepsi Center, but for now take a look at the current scene as the Convention nears:

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Day 1: Around the Pepsi Center
Posted by Raphie on August 25, 2008 4 Comments
There's a lot more to the Convention than what's on the podium. Take a look at our behind-the-scenes video to see what's happening around the Pepsi Center:

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From the DNCC CEO: Putting the American People Front and Center
Posted by Lindsay on August 23, 2008 13 Comments
Each week, we’ve been providing an inside look at the Convention straight from the people putting the event together. Our final installment, also featured on the Huffington Post, is from DNCC CEO Leah Daughtry.
With the 2008 Convention just days away, the final pieces are coming together for this historic event. No one has put more time and energy into this year’s Convention than DNCC CEO Leah Daughtry, the tireless director leading Convention planning.Starting this process almost two years ago, Leah has overseen the Convention’s many stages, from site selection to planning to the final execution. With the Convention just two days away, the unveiling of the Pepsi Center podium yesterday represented the culmination of months of work dedicated to one goal -- bringing more people into the Convention process. There are so many components that will truly open up this year’s Convention. An innovative stage design will feature the voices of everyday Americans from around the country. The emphasis on technology, including gavel-to-gavel coverage of the Convention streamed online (in English and Spanish) at, will bring the Convention to more audiences than ever before. And finally, in an unprecedented move, an audience of over 75,000 people at INVESCO Field at Mile High will take part in this monumental event as Barack Obama accepts the Democratic nomination. Listen in as the CEO of the Democratic National Convention Committee describes the vision for this year’s Convention:

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Studio ’08: Bringing the Convention to Your Favorite Local News Teams
Posted by Lindsay on August 23, 2008 2 Comments
Do you have a favorite local news channel? Do you like to listen to local radio shows? If so, you should take a few minutes to learn more about Studio ’08 -- the DNCC’s effort to bring the story of this year’s Convention to local media outlets across the county. While over 15,000 members of the media will descend upon Denver in the next few days, not everyone can make the trip out to Colorado. Our goal is to make sure that your local stations have top of the line access -- just like the major news networks. After clearing away all of the hockey and basketball paraphernalia in the Pepsi Center gift shop – from the Denver Nuggets and Avalanche, of course -- Studio ’08 was assembled. During the Convention your local elected officials and party leaders will stop by this fully functioning studio to conduct interviews -- via satellite -- with your favorite local newscasters and radio hosts.
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Denver Democratic Convention Events!

Checkout These Events during the DNCC Week!
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Denver 2008 Convention Marketplace
Sunday, Aug 24 10:00a to 4:00p
at Civic Center Park, Denver, CO
The 2008 Democratic National Convention Host Committee has created a unique and affordable way for Colorado to showcase its culture and diversity during the DNC. With over 50,000 people coming to Denver, this expo is a great way for you to showcase, sell, or share information on your organization. read more Phone: (303) 350-4119
Event Web Site

The 2008 Democratic National Convention Host Committee has created a unique and affordable way for Colorado to showcase its culture and diversity during the DNC. With over 50,000 people coming to Denver, this expo is a great way for you to showcase, sell, or share information on your organization. Exhibit booths are available for only $300, and open to any Colorado business. Make the most of DNC and get involved today! Hurry, exhibit booths are limited and available on a first come, first serve basis.

Denver Opening Reception
Thursday, Aug 21 6:00p to 8:00p
at Robischon Gallery, Denver, CO
Open to the public. Robischon Gallery presents a group exhibition featuring works by Dialog:City commissioned artists and 16 noted local artists. Organized by the Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee.

“Convention?” a behind-the-scenes look at campaign trials
Tuesday, Aug 12 7:30p
at Avenue Theater, Denver, CO
Open to the public. It’s an unscripted, interactive and hilarious experience for anyone who has always wondered how a presidential nominee is really chosen.
Price: $10
Phone: (303) 321-5925
Event Web Site
Open to the public. It’s an unscripted, interactive and hilarious experience for anyone who has always wondered how a presidential nominee is really chosen.
New Production Shows Lighter Side of Presidential Race “Convention?” a behind-the-scenes look at campaign trials Denver - June, 2008 - As the Democratic National Convention draws near, the Avenue Theater in Denver is proud to present “Convention?” - a satirical look at the primary process and the road to the White House. It’s a behind-the-scenes glimpse into a fictional presidential nomination campaign, the party called “The Patriots”. It’s an unscripted look at what happens behind closed doors when candidates are fighting for their party’s top prize. “Convention?”, produced by Chris Gallegos, features three candidates; Jim McPherson, Albert Engle and Sandy Brewer as they prepare for their weekly debates across the country.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Denver Democratic Convention Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

More at the Denver Convention Site Here:
Or at Mile High Concierge Partnership with the DNC 2008

When will the Democratic National Convention be taking place?
The convention will take place on August 25–28, 2008. Official Host Committee events will begin on August 22.

Where is the Democratic National Convention being held?
The convention will be held at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado.

Has Denver ever hosted a national political convention before?
The last time Denver or any city in the Rocky Mountain region hosted a national political convention was in 1908 when Denver hosted the Democratic National Convention.

How many guests are expected to the attend Democratic National Convention?
The convention will bring as many as 50,000 guests to the region including delegates, politicians and an influx of media and political enthusiasts from around the nation. A partial breakdown includes 15,000 members of the media; 6,000 delegates; and 14,000 party members, elected officials and others.

Does Denver have adequate lodging to handle convention visitors?
Denver offers 38,000 hotel rooms in the metro area. Nearly 17,000 hotel rooms are being held for convention week; 7,800 of which are in walking distance of the Pepsi Center in downtown Denver.

How is security for the convention being handled?
The Democratic National Convention was designated a National Special Security Event on April 23, 2007. When an event is designated a NSSE, the Secret Service assumes its mandated role as the lead agency for the design and implementation of the operational security plan.

What hotel and/or alternate housing options are available?

If you haven't yet secured lodging for your stay in Denver, hotels in the Denver Tech Center are available, which are connected by light rail to downtown Denver. Rentals can also be obtained through a commercial rental company by doing a web search for Denver short-term housing, and through free websites such as Craigslist. People who wish to rent their properties should investigate listing on similar sites.

How can I obtain tickets to attend the Democratic National Convention?
Tickets are distributed by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and may be obtained if you are a Member of Congress, a member of the press, or a delegate to the convention. The convention is an invited event and tickets are not for sale to the general public. For more information on becoming a delegate, please contact your state Democratic Party Office. The Democratic Party of Colorado will finalize the delegate selection in early June and information will be posted on their website when it becomes available. If you are a Colorado resident and seeking more information, please contact the Colorado Democratic Party by calling (303) 623-4762 or by visiting

Who is organizing the convention?
There are two main organizing groups: The Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee and the Democratic National Convention Committee. Other contractual partners are the City and County of Denver and Kroenke Sports, owner of the Pepsi Center.

What is the role of the Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee?
The Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee is a non-profit organization charged with generating the funding to pay for the 2008 Democratic Convention; organizing a volunteer base; and providing hospitality to delegates and credentialed media. Our mission is to showcase Denver and the Rocky Mountain West, to include all aspects of the community and culture of the entire region, and to emphasize environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable development.

Where is the Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee office located?
1391 Speer Blvd., Ste. 450Denver, Colorado 80204(303) 534-6200

What is the role of the 2008 Democratic National Convention Committee?
The Democratic National Convention Committee is the official arm of the Democratic National Committee responsible for planning and organizing the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Where is the Democratic National Convention Committee office located?
1560 Broadway, Suite 400Denver, Colorado 80202(720) 362-2008

What is the role of the Democratic National Committee?
The Democratic National Committee plans the Party's quadrennial presidential nominating convention; promotes the election of Party candidates with both technical and financial support; and works with national, state, and local party organizations, elected officials, candidates, and constituencies to respond to the needs and views of the Democratic electorate and the nation.

Where is the Democratic National Committee office located?
430 S. Capitol St. S.E.Washington, DC 20003(202) 863-8000

Where can I find information about the convention online?
There are two official web sites, one managed by the Host Committee at one managed by the National Convention Committee at

Are there any job opportunities available?
We post available positions on our website here. The Democratic National Convention Committee requests that job applicants e-mail their resumes to

How can I do business with the Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee?
Businesses have the opportunity to bid on Requests for Proposals as they become available.

How can I volunteer at the convention?
Interest in the convention is overwhelming. More than 21,000 people from all over the country have applied to volunteer; we have a need for about 10,000 volunteers. Because of the large number of applicants, those who applied after March 15, 2008 will be placed on a reserve list. Volunteers will be selected based on their skills, availability and interests and notified in July. Questions can be directed by e-mail to or by calling the Host Committee at (303) 534-6200.

Are there any statistics available about convention volunteers?
Yes. Of the nearly 21,000 people who have signed up to be convention volunteers, roughly 13,000 or 62% are from Colorado (8,000 are from the metro Denver area), and 7,800 or 37% are from out of state. Applicants have come from all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands. Some countries represented include the United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore, China and Australia. Seventy-one different languages are spoken including Creole, Yoruba, Farsi, Mongolian and Navajo. Roughly 75% of volunteers are female and 25% are male. The average age of the volunteers is 42 years, with the oldest volunteer born March 14, 1920.

How can I promote my business to convention attendees?
Denver area businesses are encouraged to register in our online Vendor Directory. Delegates, journalists, party members and supporters, elected officials and other visitors will access this directory from across the nation to find goods and services needed for the convention. We also offer a special 2008 Summit Club sponsorship program, in addition to corporate sponsor packages.

Where can I find information on permits and licenses?
Because of the international significance and large-scale nature of the 2008 Democratic National Convention, Denver Mayor John W. Hickenlooper has declared it to be an "Extraordinary Event." As a result, a special process has been established for events, permits and licenses in the downtown area that will take place between August 15-31, 2008. Click here for complete details and application forms.

Where can I find information about obtaining press credentials?
The application process for press credentials and workspace at the 2008 Democratic National Convention is now closed. The deadline for application for workspace was February 1, 2008. The credentials application deadline was April 15, 2008. Questions about the status of an individual application should be directed to the appropriate press gallery, or to the Democratic National Convention Committee.

I am a reporter. Who do I contact for my article/media spot?
Reporters and journalists who have questions about the convention may contact Chris Lopez, Communications Director, Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee, (303) 534-6200.

Where can I purchase convention memorabilia?
Official merchandise can be purchased at

Who designed the Host Committee logo?
Student artists Stuart Confer and Nathan Zehr designed the official Denver 2008 logo.

When will the Media Welcoming Party take place?
The official Media Welcoming Celebration will be held at Elitch Gardens on August 23, 2008.
I'm concerned about the environmental impact of the convention. What's being done?
The Denver 2008 Host Committee is committed to making this the greenest convention possible. The 10 focused areas of green convention planning include: utilizing renewable energy; reducing waste while maximizing recycling; providing green transportation options; utilizing green building design and practices; increasing the practice of green industry standards in the hospitality industry; conserving water; measuring, managing and mitigating our carbon emissions; promoting, offering and reporting on visitors' green and healthy choices; highlighting local environmental business leaders and greening the supply chain; maximizing outreach, education and behavioral change in regards to sustainable practices.

What is Green Sunday?

Sunday, August 24, 2008 will be designated as "Green Sunday" to display the efforts of businesses that are working to create a sustainable environment. The day will conclude with a Green Concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.