Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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How many times have you said “There are not enough hours in a Day”? Do you find yourself spending valuable vacation time waiting on repairmen or running errands? Or do you find that you are spending your “free” time on the chores you simply have to get done and not with your family or on your interests?

From General Errand running, laundry drop off, grocery or personal shopping, Home/Pet services, Repairman wait service, personal assistant programs and transportation services Mile High Concierge is for you!


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Never Enough Time in The Day!

-It’s Saturday morning at 10:00, we have two big choices – join our close friends, who we haven’t seen in forever for brunch, or tackle that long list of errands and huge pile of laundry that desperately needs to get done.

What about; Its 7:30pm on a Wednesday night – go to the gym for the first time this week or make it to the dry cleaner in time to pick up the clothes we need for our weekend away…and oh shoot, we’ve been so busy at work that we forgot to make that hotel reservation. Never enough time and always an endless list of life’s details weighing on our minds. These were the dilemmas of our everyday lives. And we knew we weren’t alone.It was on those busy days that we would dream about how great it would be if there was a personal assistant for the ‘everyday’ person.

Wasn’t there someone we could call on when we needed some help? Then we could see our friends for brunch and eat pancakes with ease because everything was being handled. Thinking about it was easy, but who was doing it? We had a vision. We would create the solution. Since that “A-Ha” moment, its become our life’s calling: helping others escape the torment we often felt . Our model has always been grounded in the idea that we wanted to create a choice, free from hassle or complications, for people to live with less stress and more time to do the things they wanted to be doing. These were and continue to be our motivation for Mile High Concierge – a company providing personal assistance on an as-needed basis.

Today, we have 3 1/2 years of various experiences behind us and know that we’ve helped to change many people’s lives for the better. We’re excited to share how we’ve helped our clients lead less stressful lives and gain more enjoyment out of daily living. Although we still often struggle to figure out the balance in our own lives, we plan to share with you what the concierge industry is all about, plus the successes and lessons we’ve encountered on our own journey of building a business.


Can you identify with the torments of busy daily life – with too much to do and never enough time? We’d love to hear your experiences and what solutions you use to minimize your stress and enjoy life more.

Mile High Concierge is always here to help!