Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Denver Area Animal Shelter Dogs In Need! Rescue or Adopts Denver Dogs that were Strays!

Act Now, Love Forever!

Another quick story and hopefully happy ending to another lonely pet we recently found. After two frantic weeks some neighbors and I were able to capture the neighborhood stray (3rd one in 3 months) and this one almost got hit a few times. This cute mutt needs a home and was adopted by the Denver Dumb friends league dog picture link the pet is there and they still have yet to post his picture so if interested Call them! This adorable dog is very friendly, young and no health issues. DDFL is not a no kill shelter so time is not on this little guys side! Please frwd to others and help save a life.
Denver Dumb Friends Link To This Cute Mutt above

This month has been a tough one for Strays abroad! Our friend Tobias recently found an abandoned Pit Bull "Dulce" in her neighborhood left by it's owners. Very sad and even more sad that this dog was chained to a 6ft rope for 2 years with no attention! Please help bring life back to this playful, fun loving Pit in your family. Homes must be located outside of Metro Denver and Aurora due to the crazy ban put on these great dogs! Call if any questions 3-884-4294 Dulce is at a Foster Home now but we're not sure what will happen!

Please Help in anyway you can: foster, forward this to others, call your friends, get involved and help with make a difference