Monday, August 25, 2008

Recent Democratic DNCC Week in Denver!

So much to see, do and report on during this Big week in Denver!
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So Much Going On!
Posted by Lindsay on August 25, 2008 0 Comments
From the podium to the floor to the hallways and beyond, we’ll be bringing you all of the behind the scenes action right here on the DemConvention blog. Make sure you also check out our live HD streaming video to watch the latest speakers and events going on in the Pepsi Center. The Convention opened this morning with a great performance from the Colorado Children’s Chorale. I ran into the whole group of kids as we were passing through security this morning and they were so excited to be performing on stage at the Convention. They let me know how hard they had been practicing -- “so so so much” -- and it was a nice treat for the entire audience. Roaming throughout the arena today, we’ve met enthusiastic delegates and supporters – in some great outfits I might add (make sure to check out the photos.) We’ve heard from DNCC CEO Leah Daughtry, Governor Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and Jesse Jackson, Jr. just finished addressing the audience. If you missed any of the Convention program, just click here to visit our video player – we have clips ready to go from many of the Convention speakers. Now for those photos…

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One Hour to Go!
Posted by Lindsay on August 25, 2008 17 Comments
With one hour until the 2008 Democratic National Convention officially kicks off, the Pepsi Center crowd is slowly but steadily growing. One face in the crowd earlier today was Michelle Obama. She stopped by for a walkthrough of the podium, touring the Pepsi Center and taking her first look at the Convention’s incredible stage. Outside the Pepsi Center, people are wandering around the various media pavilions and grabbing lunch from the vendors. Inside, people are getting situated and exploring the seemingly endless hallways. We’ll be giving you a detailed look inside every corner of the Pepsi Center, but for now take a look at the current scene as the Convention nears:

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Day 1: Around the Pepsi Center
Posted by Raphie on August 25, 2008 4 Comments
There's a lot more to the Convention than what's on the podium. Take a look at our behind-the-scenes video to see what's happening around the Pepsi Center:

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From the DNCC CEO: Putting the American People Front and Center
Posted by Lindsay on August 23, 2008 13 Comments
Each week, we’ve been providing an inside look at the Convention straight from the people putting the event together. Our final installment, also featured on the Huffington Post, is from DNCC CEO Leah Daughtry.
With the 2008 Convention just days away, the final pieces are coming together for this historic event. No one has put more time and energy into this year’s Convention than DNCC CEO Leah Daughtry, the tireless director leading Convention planning.Starting this process almost two years ago, Leah has overseen the Convention’s many stages, from site selection to planning to the final execution. With the Convention just two days away, the unveiling of the Pepsi Center podium yesterday represented the culmination of months of work dedicated to one goal -- bringing more people into the Convention process. There are so many components that will truly open up this year’s Convention. An innovative stage design will feature the voices of everyday Americans from around the country. The emphasis on technology, including gavel-to-gavel coverage of the Convention streamed online (in English and Spanish) at, will bring the Convention to more audiences than ever before. And finally, in an unprecedented move, an audience of over 75,000 people at INVESCO Field at Mile High will take part in this monumental event as Barack Obama accepts the Democratic nomination. Listen in as the CEO of the Democratic National Convention Committee describes the vision for this year’s Convention:

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Studio ’08: Bringing the Convention to Your Favorite Local News Teams
Posted by Lindsay on August 23, 2008 2 Comments
Do you have a favorite local news channel? Do you like to listen to local radio shows? If so, you should take a few minutes to learn more about Studio ’08 -- the DNCC’s effort to bring the story of this year’s Convention to local media outlets across the county. While over 15,000 members of the media will descend upon Denver in the next few days, not everyone can make the trip out to Colorado. Our goal is to make sure that your local stations have top of the line access -- just like the major news networks. After clearing away all of the hockey and basketball paraphernalia in the Pepsi Center gift shop – from the Denver Nuggets and Avalanche, of course -- Studio ’08 was assembled. During the Convention your local elected officials and party leaders will stop by this fully functioning studio to conduct interviews -- via satellite -- with your favorite local newscasters and radio hosts.
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